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5th meeting in Genoa


5th meeting in Genoa

The RePAIR project meeting in Genoa consisted of two parts: the first three days (integration week) in which the new components were integrated on the robotic platform, and the second part (consortium meeting) in which there was a demonstration of the robot’s capabilities and a discussion of aspects to work on in the future.
The meeting took place in the IIT laboratories in Genoa where the robotic platform is currently located.
In the first part of integration, improvements were observed in the movements of the robotic arm, which is now more stable and faster, plus the identification of some fragments (3D printed models for now) was added by taking advantage of the robot’s vision (thanks to a LiDAR technology camera built into the platform).
The second part gave all members of the project a chance to see and touch the robotic platform with their own hands and brought to light interesting discussions on the future development of manipulation, discussing issues such as the presence of multiple fragments, safe manipulation (both as a grip of the robotic hand and as support on different materials, such as sand or foam), and further extension of the robot’s movements (lateral movements, torso twisting, use of both hands).

The project aims at repeating the integration week twice more this year during the summer and having the next consortium meeting in the fall.